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Life can feel hopeless with all of its challenges and adversity. We offer to share real, gritty stories of struggle, pain, and hope with you. Stories of people who have, and continue to overcome adversity.

Recent Stories

Sam's Story: The Faher's Heart

In a real and raw interview with Sam, we explore his reaction and thoughts towards a major turning point in his life, his parent's divorce. Tearing his world apart, and causing him to analyse his father's shortcomings, Sam grew to dislike the person his dad was, swearing to himself that he would never be like his father.

The Father's Heart - Ep 1

Zoe's Story: The ZOE Life

Zoe shares her story of how she walked through the valley of uncertainty and emptiness, and turned to vice to combat that fear. Her story reminds us that this is a shared emotion and experience, and there is hope, even when everything around us seems grey and bleak.

The ZOE Life - Ep 1

Aiksbennydict 2020 Reflection

Aiken and Benny sits down for a time of reflection at the close of an unprecedented year. From the hectic busyness of a regular year to the unpredictable slowing down of 2020, the duo shares what they were thankful for.

Benny's Story Ep 1: 

I Lived One Second at A Time

Benny shares about his story of his long battle with drug addiction where he struggled with heroin, and associating with friends of times past. All he could do was to "live one second at a time".

The Meaning of Love Ep 1: 

The Love that Goes Unnoticed

Three best friends - Hosanna, Qi, and Joyce - sit down for with Jon to talk about a love that often goes unnoticed. Watch the Video to find out about how they saw each other through break-ups and the darkest periods of their lives.

Aiken's Story: Born a Mistake

Aiken shares his story of coming from a difficult family background, where he questioned his value and identity being labeled a 'mistake', and how he had come to heal from his troubled past through a daring act of forgiveness.

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Aiksbennydict 2020 Reflection: Part 1