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The Father's Heart: Full Series

Ep 1 - Rebellion

In a real and raw interview with Sam, we explore his reaction and thoughts towards a major turning point in his life, his parent's divorce. Tearing his world apart, and causing him to analyse his father's shortcomings, Sam grew to dislike the person his dad was, swearing to himself that he would never be like his father.

Ep 2 - Reconciliation

In a real conversation with Sam, we learnt how voids in our heart can leave us, consciously or subconsciously, clamouring for the things of the world - be it money, fame, power or even romantic relationships. 

Ep 3 - Restoration

In the finale of our three-part series with Sam, he continues to share his testimony on the relationship between him and his dad and opens up about his revelations on human nature.⁣⁣ True enough, it was tough for him to come to the realisation that as much as he despised his father's behaviour, it was largely influenced by the parenting that his own father received.⁣

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